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Violent and Unpredictable Behavior

A Study in the Sublime

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Birthdate:Apr 28
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aeon flux, alex krycek, alice in wonderland, antonin dolohov, banshee, barbossa, batman, bellatrix black, billy corgan, blue max, books, c.g.b. spender, call of cthulhu, cancerman, cgb spender, cigarette smoking man, clive barker, comic books, cthulhu, dana scully, deadlands, death eaters, donnie darko, edward nashton, edward nigma, edward nygma, emma frost, ethan frome, evan rosier, fdr, fox mulder, franklin roosevelt, frisky dingo, futurama, gatmog, ghost hunters, gilderoy lockhart, h.h. holmes, h.p. lovecraft, harry potter, harvey birdman, hector barbossa, hellboy, hellraiser, historical fiction, horror, house of 1000 corpses, house on haunted hill, jack the ripper, jason wyngarde, jeffrey spender, john doggett, john kramer, juggernaut, karl kroenen, lewis carroll, lily evans, lucius malfoy, magic: the gathering, magneto, maldoror, malkavian, manfred von richthofen, marauders, metalocalypse, movies, mr. sinister, mst3k, narcissa black, nathaniel hawthorne, non-fiction, occult, pirates of the caribbean, poison ivy, potc, pour le merite, progressive era, queen, quentin quire, quirinus quirrell, quirrell, reading, red baron, remus lupin, rifftrax, rodolphus lestrange, rpgs, samedi, sandman, saw, sean cassidy, sebastian shaw, serial killers, session 9, severus snape, shaun of the dead, sherlock, shirley jackson, sluagh, smashing pumpkins, south park, space ghost: coast to coast, stephen king, teena mulder, the corinthian, the hellfire club, the joker, the red baron, the riddler, the smashing pumpkins, the stepford cuckoos, through the looking glass, tom waits, trevor fitzroy, trevor goodchild, true crime, vampire: the masquerade, venture brothers, walter skinner, weimar republic, whose line is it anyway?, woodrow wilson, writing, wwi, wwi aircraft, wwi nonfiction, wwii, wwii nonfiction, x-files, x-men, zombies

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